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The Scroll Number 1 cover.

Wel­come to Scroll Num­ber 1: | vir­tual … phys­i­cal | . You’ve jour­neyed between worlds to be here today. How was your trip? It’s one we take for granted as we move seam­lessly between awak­ing in our homes each morn­ing, tweet­ing updates while on the bus to work, instant mes­sag­ing through­out the day with friends and col­leagues, eat­ing lunch with mates while keep­ing an eye out for mes­sages on our phones, upload­ing blog posts and pho­tos that will be seen by any num­ber of peo­ple we will never meet, and chat­ting into the small hours of the night.

Scroll Num­ber 1 invites you to pause here for a moment and think about what hap­pens as we cross that divide.

  1. Intelligence vs Understanding

    Written byIndi Young.

    Indi Young

    Solv­ing prob­lems requires more than brain­power and a design fix. We need to feel our customer’s pain to fully under­stand what they need. So throw off your thongs and get ready to walk a mile in your client’s shoes.

  2. Keeping the hot side hot and the cold side cold

    Written byAaron Gustafson.

    Aaron Gustafson

    Apply­ing 1980s’ fast-​​food logic to JavaScript and CSS sep­a­ra­tion: tech­niques for keep­ing your pre­sen­ta­tion out of your scripts.

  3. Unreadable

    Written byJoe Clark.

    Joe Clark

    A species-​​wide exper­i­ment has been car­ried out on the world’s cyber cit­i­zens and the results are in. Thanks to the web, our brains are chang­ing and our abil­ity to read long is going the way of the type­writer. Is this really what we had in mind?

  4. Friction

    Written byJohn Allsopp.

    John Allsopp

    Is the web really the deathknell of print? With its abil­ity to aug­ment, to man­age risk, and reduce fric­tion, it might just be its renaissance.

  5. How fine is your design?

    Written byEthan Marcotte.

    Ethan Marcotte

    The line between a suc­cess­ful design and a clever one is fine. Are you will­ing to make the ulti­mate sac­ri­fice and hit the delete but­ton on that work of pure genius to give the client what they want?

  6. My favorite typeface: Chalet 1980

    Written byVeerle Pieters.

    Veerle Pieters

    Veerle Pieters on the topic of typog­ra­phy, and why she chose Chalet for the design of her blog.

  7. Lynch-​​ing mobiles

    Written bySebastian Strakowicz.

    Sebastian Strakowicz

    Is watch­ing movies on mobile phones really the bane of the film indus­try, or is it the next step in the evo­lu­tion and rev­o­lu­tion of per­son­alised content?

  8. Exit Strategy

    Written byJeffrey Veen.

    Jeffrey Veen

    Jef­frey Veen waxes elo­quent on why a printed mag­a­zine may work in this age of the digital.