Founded by long time web industry figures Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp in 2008, Scroll is a print, PDF and online magazine for web professionals.

2 place

The Scroll Number 2 cover.
  1. Keeping your place

    Written byCameron Adams.

  2. It’s time for content strategy

    Written byMelissa Rach.

  3. Yiying Lu

    Written byJohn Allsopp.

  4. Disrupting the conceptual metaphors of the web

    Written byJeremy Keith.

  5. Twitterville

    Written bySebastian Strakowicz.

  6. One web and universal access: a bridge too far?

    Written byHenny Swan.

  7. Maps and macroscopes

    Written byMatt Webb.

  8. What Africa can teach us about place

    Written byErik Hersman.

  9. Unlocking the power of place

    Written byRachel Hinman.

  10. Home is where is

    Written byFaruk Ateş.